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International Probiotics Association

The IPA is a global not-for-profit association that brings together, through its membership, stakeholders in the probiotics sector, including academia, researchers, healthcare professionals, consumers, industry and legislators. IPA's mission is to promote the safe and effective use of probiotics worldwide.

European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative

The main goal is to create an open-access, pan-European research platform containing data from various nutrition studies, from interventions to epidemiological studies. This will allow future combined analyzes to be carried out and the relationship between nutrition and health to be explained even more precisely.

EIT Food

The regional cooperation center of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's food industry network (Knowledge and Innovation Community, KIC) in the period 2018-2021 (EITFood Hub). The mission of the EIT Food Hub is to introduce the activities of EIT Food, to be a local cooperation center, to introduce local and international cooperation networks and to be a focal point for science, industry and academia in a given country. Organizations with good experience in supporting and promoting regional entrepreneurship and innovation were selected as HUBs.

HighTech Europe

A network focused on the application of high-tech processing on an industrial scale, connecting different parties and promoting cost-effective innovations. The project will significantly increase the innovation rate and competitiveness of the European agricultural and food sector, laying the foundation for the future European Food Processing Institute.

Member of Connected Health Cluster 

Member of Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce

Member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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