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Research and development

BioCC OÜ is a private research and development institution (SME) created by universities and food and feed manufacturers. BioCC conducts world-class research and development, during which innovative biotechnological solutions for the creation of feed additives, foods and food supplements are created and implemented, using several different scientific fields such as microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, metabolomics, genomics, bioinformatics, physiology and food technology.

  • BioCC OÜ is a research institution engaged in the field of biotechnology, the findings of which have been positively evaluated.

  • Several of BioCC strains are patented and deposited in international collections

  • BioCC OÜ meets the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025:2017 as a testing laboratory in the field of food and feeding microbiological testing.

  • BioCC OÜ is  an authorised by the Agriculture and Food Board of Estonia as a processing company in the field of lyophilised  bacterial cultures used in the food industry and handling of non-animal food and composite foodstuffs. Handling company recognition number 165.

  • BioCC OÜ is an authorized laboratory by the Agriculture and Food Board of the Republic of Estonia to carry out microbiological surveillance analyses for food samples.

  • BioCC OÜ owns a license for handling infectious material issued by the Health Board of Estonia.

  • BioCC OÜ production meets high international quality standards (FSSC 22000)

A large part of our work is focused on the research and development of lactic acid bacteria that support both human and animal health. The probiotics we have developed focus on cardiovascular problems, allergies, oxidative stress in the body, immunity, etc.

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