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EIT Food Demoday 2019

EIT Food is on a mission to transform Europe’s food system – making it better for people and the planet.  Working with entrepreneurs, innovators and the wider community, EIT Food is changing the way we produce, process, distribute and consume food.   

The Innovation Prizes competition is one of Europe’s largest startup competitions in the agrifood vertical. The Innovation Prizes are awarded to entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to support the development of new products and services which can help transform our food system; making it healthier, more sustainable and more trusted.

Come and join us and listen to pitches

TOIDUAKADEEMIA (Lootsi 8, Tallinn) at 13.00.

Find the full agenda below!

This year, the Innovation Prizes are open to entrepreneurs and startups from across the whole of Europe. Excitingly though, there are additional prizes available for entrepreneurs based in Eastern and Southern Europe, through the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).  

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Q: What is RIS?

RIS stands for Regional Innovation Scheme, which is a special funding scheme to support entrepreneurs and startups in countries in Eastern and Southern Europe. It is only available for residents and/or citizens of one of the following countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece.  

Q: I have applied and became a finalist of the EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants/Entrepreneurships Prizes in 2018. Can I still apply for the Innovation Prizes?

Yes, you can! However, winners of 2018 edition of EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants/Entrepreneurships Prizes will be considered ineligible, please read complete eligibility criteria in the Terms and Conditions

Q: When and where will the Demo Days will happen?

Demo Days in Tallinn takes place on August 26th in Toiduakadeemia starting at 9.00 AM.

Q: Do I have take part in the Demo Day?

Yes – you do.  A minimum of one member of your team must participate in the Demo Day and accompanying training. However, the more, the merrier.  

Q: What does the training that accompanies the Demo Day consist of?

The training will be tailored to the needs of the startups participating. However, likely topics include, pitch training, building strong relationships with investors, effective communication, funding sources and marketing.

Q: What stage of idea/startups is this competition for?

There is no exact formula for this. However, startups should note that this prorgamme is for early-stage entrepreneurs and startups. If you have raised large amounts of investment (i.e. more than 100.000 Euros) or have large revenue streams (i.e. more than 50.000 Euros), this Prize is probably not for you. In fact, one of the criteria that your application will be judged upon is whether the Innovation Prize will be ‘catalytic’ in your startups success. If you wish to discuss the individual sitation of your startup, please contact us Download agenda pdf

Submissions for up to 10 000 euro available for entrepreneurs tackling the challenges facing our food system can be sent for: 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Application period

Application deadline and assessment

Finalist demo event in TallinnToiduakadeemia, Lootsi 8, Tallinn Monday, April 1, 2019 Monday, June 3, 2019 Monday, August 26, 2018

Find out how EIT Food Hub can help you!

EIT Food Co-Location Centre North-East was established in Warsaw in 2017. Together with our partners from Denmark, Finland and Poland we work towards making the food system more resource-efficient, secure, transparent and trusted. Our goal is to boost the skills and entrepreneurial spirit in agri-food sector in order to deliver a healthier lifestyle for all European citizens. More


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