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Gastro-Resistant Vegan Capsules for Better Probiotic Delivery

BioCC Vegan Capsules in a Lab

Gastro-Resistant Vegan Capsules for Better Probiotic Delivery If you are taking supplement of capsule form, the following may trigger your curiosity. Do you know most capsule products are of animal origin? Gelatin capsule, both hard and soft shells, are usually derived from the hydrolysis of collagen from bovine, fish or swine. This has raised concern for some groups of people such as vegetarian or vegans, and people of certain religious or ethnic groups who are forbidden from using these animal products. Luckily, with technology advancement, vegetarian capsule (also known as vegetable capsule or cellulose capsule) is available аs alternative. Vegetarian capsule is made up of cellulose, an important structural component in plants. In the current market, gelatin capsule is mоrе broadly usеd than vegetarian capsule bеcause its cost of production is lower. Despite the cost factor, vegetarian capsule offers extra benefits aside from being a good substitution for gelatin capsule. Bio4Asia project delivers a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics to the South-East Asian market using gastro-resistant vegan capsules. This article reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.

What is EstLat Bio4Asia? Bio4ASIA is a cooperation project between two similar companies working in the same industry – producing of food supplements – and based on similar needs and ambitions: to expand and diverse market of their products in order to develop companies and make them competitive in long terms. However, both companies are having different competences and strenghts in different areas of producing and distribution. BioCC OÜ is focused on work with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures and LotosPharma SIA is producing wide assortment of dry forms of medicine and food supplement. More


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