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Market Needs in South-East Asia

Market Needs in South-East Asia

Immune health supplements are primarily consumed to improve the immunity of an individual. Consumers across the world are feeling the need to boost their immune systems in order to avoid unpleasant outcomes of infectious diseases. Probiotics and vitamins are one of the most important key for immune support.

Tailoring probiotics to cater to the varying consumer groups is essential. Identifying the health-related issues in different geographic regions and preparing new suitable strain formulation is the key. A significant number of Southeast Asians experience lactose tolerance reactions, which occur post consumption of dairy products. Hence, developing or identifying demographic-compatible strains is important. Therefore, SuproBiotic contains MCC1 strain in order to decrease lactose intolerance. MCC1 possesses antioxidative properties and the ability to hydrolyse milk proteins which is needed in the South East Asia.

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What is EstLat Bio4Asia?

Bio4ASIA is a cooperation project between two similar companies working in the same industry – producing of food supplements – and based on similar needs and ambitions: to expand and diverse market of their products in order to develop companies and make them competitive in long terms. However, both companies are having different competences and strenghts in different areas of producing and distribution. BioCC OÜ is focused on work with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures and LotosPharma SIA is producing wide assortment of dry forms of medicine and food supplement.


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