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Lactic acid bacterium Lactiplantibacillus plantarum MCC1 (DSM 23881)

L. plantarum MCC1 is a lactobacillus of human origin, whose safety and functional properties have been tested in vitro and on laboratory animals (in vivo). Clinical trials have been conducted with a whey beverage that's fermented with MCC1 to investigate the functional properties of this strain. The strain can also be used in soft serve ice cream, food supplements and other foods.


Lactic acid bacteria for humansTENSIA®INDUCIA® | MCC1

The functional properties of L. plantarum of MCC1:

  • increases the body's natural resistance to several bacteria that cause intestinal infections;

  • increases the total number of beneficial lactobacilli in the intestine, which supports a better breakdown of nutrients into more easily absorbed compounds;

  • helps maintain and restore the balance of normal intestinal microflora.

Using the L. plantarum strain MCC1 in products has the following health-promoting and clinically proven properties:

  • hypoallergenic and oxidative stress (OxS) lowering effect. The compositions used in the clinical trial have an anti-inflammatory (decrease in blood MPO) effect that reduces the systemic OxS load of the entire body;

  • the bacterium can be used to prepare a hypoallergenic (e.g. anti-milk allergy) food product and/or dietary supplement aimed at infants, children and adults.

  • the bacterium has a statistically true effect on prostate ailments in those who have urinary tract ailments and have irritation symptoms as a leading factor.

L. plantarum MCC1 has patents issued in Estonia (EP2678419), Europe (EP2678419), Korea (KR10-1586778), China (CN1996956), Japan (JP5785275) and Russia (RU2603059):

"An isolated strain of a microorganism L. plantarum MCC1 DSM 23881 and its use"


Authors: Kullisaar, T., Zilmer, M., Tammsaar, E., Veskioja, A., Songisepp, E., Zilmer, K., Bobrovski, L., Ehrlich, K., Rätsep, M., Punab, M. ., Vasar, M., Mikelsaar, M.

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