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Food product development

In our product development laboratory, we can carry out all the main stages of food processing, so we have experience with a wide range of products such as jams, dairy and meat products, water, etc. The work of the R&D laboratory is supported by on-site laboratories for fermentation, microbiology and chemical analysis. Thanks to close international relations, it is also possible to carry out specific treatments outside Estonia.


contains the probiotic strain L. plantarum TENSIA® and has been created in cooperation with AS E-Piim Production.

Ice Cream

Revala OÜ Smart Ice Cream

innovative blackcurrant ice-cream powder enriched with probiotics, made with a blender.


Helen Helde

series of products were developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Tartu. This is the first scientifically proven line of putres in Estonia.

Food development services

  • Science-driven development of milk and dairy products, from raw material to final product, along the value chain.

  • Nutritional profiling of representatives of different groups of raw materials (including sugar, salt, fat, etc.) that do not have adverse health effects.

  • Raising the protein and/or fibre content to levels that affect human metabolism.

  • Fortification of functional foods with minerals and vitamins.

  • Free-from or soy and gluten-free products. Products free of other allergenic components, where applicable.

  • Development of science-based organic products and clean labelling.

  • Choice of packaging material to optimise shelf life.

  • Accelerated shelf-life testing and determination of nutritional information.

  • Consultation on product development based on the health aspects of human metabolism.

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